10’x15′ Storage Units

Discover the ideal storage solution with our 10×15 foot storage units, offering a medium-sized storage option. Whether you're a first-time renter or a seasoned storage user, Air base Storage has the perfect storage space for you.

How big is a 10’x15′ storage unit?


The dimensions of a 10×15 foot storage unit include a width of 10 feet, a depth of 15 feet, and a height of 8 feet, providing a total space of 1,200 cubic feet. This size is equivalent to:

  • A spacious spare bedroom
  • Two-thirds of a standard garage

Opting for a 10×15 foot storage unit is a practical choice if you find yourself:

  • Renting a 16-foot truck for a move
  • Clearing an entire garage
  • Moving apartments
  • Relocating small office spaces
  • Remodeling your home

These storage units are well-suited for accommodating large furniture items. Whether you're swiftly creating space in your home for a remodel or organizing your garage, the 10×15 foot storage unit offers the ideal solution for your storage needs.



What does a 10’x15′ storage unit look like?


An expansive 10×15 foot storage unit mirrors the size of a substantial spare bedroom or almost an entire standard garage, providing ample space for your belongings. Experience the spaciousness by sliding open the door, similar to opening a garage, and discover the generous room available for storage.


What can I fit in a 10’x15′ storage unit?


A storage unit measuring 10×15 feet is suitable for accommodating the contents of a two-bedroom apartment, making it ideal for storing larger items such as living-room furniture and large appliances. This size allows you to fit various items, including couches, dressers, washing machines, fridges, dining room tables, lawnmowers, cribs, lounge chairs, ovens, dishwashers, motorcycles, water heaters, construction equipment, large tools, and wheelchairs. 

To optimize your storage space, consider stacking boxes and belongings, ensuring clear walkways and aisles for easy navigation within the unit. This practice also eliminates the need to unload everything when retrieving items from the unit in the future.

Other available storage unit sizes