5’x5′ Storage Units

Ideal for creating additional space or storing seasonal items, our 5x5-foot storage units offer a perfect solution. Whether you're renting a 5x5-foot storage unit for the first time or seeking additional space for new projects, here's all the information you require.

How big is a 5’x5′ storage unit?

A 5×5 storage unit, measuring 5 feet in width, 5 feet in length, and standing at 8 feet tall, provides 200 cubic feet of space. This is equivalent to:

  • A compact hallway closet
  • The contents of a family car
  • Items that fit in a small cargo van

Opting for a 5×5 storage unit is an excellent choice if you're:

  • Organizing your garage
  • Revamping your home decor
  • Expanding your wardrobe while retaining old clothing

What does a 5’x5′ storage unit look like?

A storage unit measuring 5×5 feet is akin to a hallway closet with built-in shelving or a compact garage. When you slide open the door, similar to a garage door, you'll likely be impressed by the generous space within this storage unit.

Our units are not only easily accessible but also feature modern and clean designs. Some are located in multi-story buildings with elevator access and spacious hallways, while outdoor units typically sit on a single level with convenient drive-up access.

What can I fit in a 5’x5′ storage unit?

Discover the remarkable capacity of a 5×5 foot unit – it can accommodate more than you might think. This ideal size is perfect for storing:

  • Boxes (5-8)
  • Small furniture
  • Lamps
  • End tables
  • Clothing
  • Sports gear
  • Business storage
  • Holiday decorations
  • Suitcases
  • Stools
  • Gardening equipment
  • Small desks
  • Chairs
  • Baby accessories
  • Queen-sized mattress

Pro tip: When loading your storage unit, prioritize placing heavier items at the bottom to establish a solid foundation for delicate or frequently accessed belongings.


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