10’x30′ Storage Units

Spacious 10×30-foot storage units offer ample space for vehicles, furniture, appliances, and more, making them an excellent storage solution for both households and commercial businesses. Whether you're a first-time renter or contemplating an upgrade to a larger unit, the following information will help you determine if a 10×30-foot storage unit aligns with your requirements.

How big is a 10’x30′ storage unit?

A 10×30 foot storage unit boasts dimensions of 10 feet in width, 30 feet in depth, and a height of 8 feet, providing a total of 2,400 cubic feet of space. This size is equivalent to:

  • A spacious one or two-car garage
  • A 26-foot moving truck

Ideal for those with a four or five-bedroom house who are relocating with all their belongings, including appliances, furniture, and other sizable items, the 10×30 foot storage unit also serves as an excellent solution if you wish to store vehicles—ranging from cars and motorcycles to small boats—alongside your possessions.

What does a 10’x30′ storage unit look like?


 Resembling a two-car garage but elongated with an additional 10 feet in depth compared to a 10×20 unit, the 10×30 storage unit accommodates more space, allowing for the addition of a car or the belongings of an extra bedroom.

With a height of 8 feet, the unit facilitates the storage of tall items without the need to lay them horizontally.


What can I fit in a 10’x30′ storage unit?


This spacious unit accommodates vehicles, large appliances, numerous boxes, and furniture. It is particularly suitable for individuals with a four or five-bedroom house or those with an abundance of items stored in their garage, basement, and attic.

Whether you are moving your residence or office, or require additional warehouse space for your business, rest assured that anything fitting into a 26-foot moving truck can be accommodated within a 10×30 foot storage unit.

The 10×30 foot storage unit can house items such as:

  • Couches
  • Mattresses
  • Dressers
  • Major appliances (washer, dryer, fridge)
  • Dining room sets
  • King-sized bedroom sets
  • Exercise equipment (bikes, treadmills, weight benches)
  • Boxes of belongings
  • Mid-sized vehicles and appropriately sized boats

Other available storage unit sizes