5’x10′ Storage Units

Ideal for those in need of extra space or wanting to store seasonal items, the 5×10 foot storage unit offers practical dimensions. With a width of five feet and a depth of ten feet, it's comparable to a medium-sized walk-in closet or a compact guest bedroom. Check out our FAQs on storage unit sizes to identify the perfect fit for your requirements.

How big is a 5’x10′ storage unit?

A storage unit measuring 5 feet in width, 10 feet in depth, and 8 feet in height, offering 400 cubic feet of space, can be likened to:

  • A medium-sized walk-in closet
  • A cargo van
  • A spacious outdoor shed
  • A compact guest bathroom
  • Opting for a 5×10 foot storage unit is an excellent storage choice when:
  • Downsizing from two bedrooms to one
  • Preparing for a new addition to the family
  • Cutting down on garage expenses
  • Repurposing a bedroom

What does a 5’x10′ storage unit look like?


A storage unit measuring 5×10 feet mirrors the spaciousness of a medium-sized walk-in closet, providing ample room for comfortable browsing.

When you slide open the door, it's akin to opening a garage door, revealing a surprisingly roomy interior.

Our outdoor units typically feature drive-up access. For indoor storage, our units are located within multi-story buildings, featuring wide hallways.

Air base units prioritize accessibility, modernity, and cleanliness. 

What can I fit in a 5’x10′ storage unit?


A storage unit measuring 5×10 feet accommodates a collection similar to that of a mid-sized bedroom. Ideal for storing one or two substantial furniture pieces or numerous smaller items, such as:

  • Small office equipment
  • Bicycles
  • Chairs
  • TVs
  • Small dressers
  • Queen or twin mattresses
  • Small couches
  • Fans
  • Sports gear
  • Coffee tables
  • Lamps
  • Musical instruments
  • Chests of drawers
  • Luggage
  • Holiday decorations

Pro tip: When organizing your storage unit, prioritize placing frequently used and essential items, like those needed for vacations, closer to the door if possible. This arrangement ensures easy accessibility.




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