10’x35′ Storage Units

Generously sized 10×35-foot storage units provide extensive room for accommodating vehicles, furniture, appliances, and various belongings. Whether you're seeking storage for your household items or require a solution for your commercial business, these units offer versatile space. Whether you're a first-time renter or contemplating a move to a larger unit, the details below will assist you in evaluating if a 10×35-foot storage unit is the perfect fit for your storage needs.

How big is a 10’x35′ storage unit?

Our 10x35 foot storage units provide generous space with dimensions of 10 feet in width, 35 feet in depth, and an 8-foot height, offering a substantial volume of 2800 cubic feet. These expansive units are versatile and can accommodate various storage needs, including those of larger items and quantities. For optimal utilization, we recommend using a 40-foot moving truck.

Ideal for storing the contents of a spacious home or accommodating commercial storage requirements, the 10x35 foot storage unit is well-suited for:

  • Large household belongings
  • Furniture sets
  • Business inventory and equipment
  • Multiple vehicles
  • Boats or recreational vehicles

What does a 10’x35′ storage unit look like?


Comparable to the size of a double-car garage, our 10x35 foot storage unit boasts an eight-foot ceiling, providing ample vertical space for tall items and large equipment.


What can I fit in a 10’x35′ storage unit?


Our storage units offer an effective solution for organizing and securing your belongings. In a 10x35 foot storage unit, you can comfortably store:

  • Large furniture sets
  • Appliances
  • Business inventory
  • Multiple vehicles
  • Boats or recreational vehicles
  • Commercial equipment
  • Pallets of merchandise
  • Extensive collections or archives

Feel free to reach out to our facility for more information on how our 10x35 foot storage units can meet your storage needs.

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